Welcome to the Treehouse!

Welcome to The Treehouse Center for Children and Families! We are a pediatric office located in Stafford Springs, CT. Our office offers a close, family-friendly alternative to "big medicine." We focus on families as a whole and strive to make each child feel like they are a part of our extended family. It is our privilege to serve our families in whatever ways we can, and to get to know all of them on a first name basis. We provide support and direction that enables parents to make well-informed decisions for their children.

Dr. Eccles is now Dr. Ramos!

On April 24th, Dr. Terry M. Eccles became Dr. Terry L. Ramos through marriage to Mr. Carlos Ramos.

Our Mission Statement:

To create a medical home that interacts with families to provide hope, stability, and kindness through all phases of life; to use our specialized abilities to identify and assist children and families affected by abuse; and to honor God in all that we do.

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Proud to be a Patient Centered Medical Home since 2012